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DXN was founded by Datuk Lim Siow Jin, a graduate from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology. Datuk Lim started the business in quest of the benefits of mushroom on human health. His deep interest and endless effort drove him to utilize the fullest potential of Ganoderma or Lingzhi, which is well-known as the King of Herbs, for human health and wealth, with the establishment of DXN in 1993.


100% natural raw materials. Quality of DXN products is given priority at each step of production. International standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001, and TGA Recognitions.

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03-06-2024 Yaz Promosyonu
03-06-2024 Yaz Promosyonu

DXN Success Stories, Brilliant Achievement of dreams

Belief is to believe in the unseen.

nor the product of what we had when we started to DXN business in Turkey.

But I knew that DXN was an opportunity to bring me to my dreams.

I am a radio programmer who has been in the media sector since 1992 and my main profession is broadcasting.In the first years I started to work in radio, In 1995 my way crossed with network marketing and i started work as part time and it wasn't my priority. Our Ganoderma love begins with another Malaysian Company when i participate travel to Malaysia with other Ganoderma Company i saw a banner in Kuala Lumpur Airport.

* Welcome to DXN Republic

On the banner "Dxn is Malaysia's largest export company" was written but we were working with a company of Malaysian origin and we knew it as the first and the biggest Ganoderma company.After returning Turkey with a big confusion, i began to make research then i saw that world's biggest Ganoderma Company is DXN and the other companies are just imitation.

A Network doyen mentioned;
If you want to be the best
You must work with the best.

But DXN has no General Dictoarate building in Turkey, it can't be acceptable. Someone must do something.

I suspended the work with the other company that I know no longer is the biggest. While i am broadcasting on Radio, an old friend called me about a company that has concept One World One Market although they have no General Dictoarate in Turkey. He is working for that company we met for this business opportunity. He said just one word DXN and i don't let him to talk further, as i know the company better than anyone, i said yes breathless. Although there is no product or any authority we started to work immediately.

With our beloved sponsor Lazslo Kocso, we worked then we opened Turkey market.

We had a special meeting with Ceo and Founder of DXN Datuk Lim Siow Jin on the same date of DXN Turkey founding celebration, from the point of view of his viewpoint and the exact point he wanted to reach, I could no longer stand to spread his mission and reach out to people.

It was necessary to introduce and deliver this wonderful company and its magnificent products. We have started to work every inch of the pitch and in the first months were around Turkey and were doing seminars every 15 to 30 per month.

As a result of these seminars, wonderful people joined our team. They became valuable friends and our team started to form.

In those days we have accomplished great things with two front row leaders and my companion who believe in us.

I had reached the Star Diamond career in a short time of 1.5 months and now it was time for our teams to grow.

"Big Leadership is not to gain big winning, Leadership is create Leaders that gave big winnings"

We have worked hard with this philosophy and I have reached the Double Diamond career in a short period in 2 years time. We made people to reach decades of Star Diamond decades of Star Ruby and decades of Star Agent and Turkey's largest DXN thousand of distributor with the team.

But everything is just starting.

To make DXN company No. 1 and we were aware that we need to work hard to make Turkey the number 1 market. We need to work hard and seeking to get our new partners together.

There is no end to this as long as we are able to touch the life of a person and offer solutions to their problems and fears.
We have no doubt that this will happen with its great product World Giant Dxn.
Good Morning DXN, so glad i have you!

İzzet Tabakaydın
Crown Diamond

Izzet Tabakaydın's Success Story, Crown Diamond


I was born in 1971 in Sivas. Like any child, I had a huge imagination. My dream was to get an education, and to be useful to the society and people. So I could touch the life of others. Thanks to my challenge-loving, success-focused personality, I began to enjoy the money I made by weaving carpets in elementary school.

Sometimes dreams and real life don't complement each other. I was forced to marry, by my parents, at a very young age and found myself as a housewife and mother of 3 children, far away from my dreams of studying and reading, but I still never stopped reading books and adding value to myself.

With the sudden death of my husband, I began to struggle with severe living conditions. I had no work, no house, no savings. I started suffering from severe depression. I had transformed into an individual who didn't enjoy life, and who couldn't think straight. Until my little girl asked, whether we could get some assistance from our relatives. I was a mother and I had to do something and stand up as a mother. I had reasons, but not excuses. It wasn't in my nature to ask things from people and expect them to help me.

I came across "Ganoderma" and "direct selling" because of my father's health problems. My faith in "Ganoderma" grew when my father regained his health. My belief in the product combined with a belief in myself. I started to work day and night, and the more I worked, the more I gained. Just when I thought everything was going to be fine, I began to have problems with my sponsor. Again I found myself struggling until I heard that DXN, the world's first ganoderma company, would enter our country's market.

After doing some research on the company, I discovered that DXN was established after a great struggle and after undergoing many difficulties. I realized that the company's story was the same as mine. DXN is the Sun that never sets but always rises, and it has risen never to set but to continue rising in my world.

The quality of DXN products combined with the unique marketing plan, and my fighting spirit, goal-oriented personality, determination and diligence, all came together to give me a win. Whatever life took from me, I got it back; thanks to DXN. I was a housewife, without a degree or a profession, but with DXN, and its vision for health, wealth and happiness, brought me success more than I could ever imagine. I finally saw the big picture; that those who are with DXN, will always win. With DXN, I have won countless domestic, and overseas trips, and cruise ship holidays.

Despite the fact that I was a housewife, I have bought my own car and house, thanks to DXN. For me, DXN is the journey of success from zero to the top. My greatest dream was to touch lives; now I touch the lives of thousands of women, like me, who have been left alone to struggle in life.

I want to give my eternal gratitude to our Founder, Datuk Lim Siow Jin. DXN offers health, wealth and happiness to thousands of people and still continues to do so. This is the place for winning, and for completing your journey from zero to the top. I'm ready to accompany anyone who wants to get on this DXN journey with me.

Thank you.

Filiz Çolak's Success Story, Triple Diamond
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DXN Marketing Plan

The DXN marketing plan includes basic definition of the status (PV, SV, PPV,....QSA,QSD) and information on the reward system. It describes the status/position, which can be achieved by DXN distributors.

Active Sponsoring Program (ASP)

Introducing DXN's Active Sponsorship Program (ASP). A fresh option designed to help you grow your business through network expansion and lucrative opportunities.

Icing On the Cake (IOC)

It enables you to increase your income, motivate your non-active distributors, accelerate your network expansion, purchase any mix of available products at prevailing DP and mainly buy once and earn forever.



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